Luck Isn’t A Good Strategy For Communication

This principle is easy to understand and simple to implement. The only downside is that it takes a little more work in the short term, but the upside is that it will improve your communication results for the rest of your life.

In much of the time we spend with people, we tend to do what comes naturally. In other words, when it comes to communicating, we express ideas using our own natural Communication Style.

This makes the success or failure of our communication seem random because we don’t really know in advance what we’re going to do naturally. We just do it. That may be good advice when it comes to exercising, but it’s not the way to develop outstanding (or even above average) communication skills.

Without some study, practice, and paying attention to what we are doing we’re likely just to blurt out whatever comes to mind and then success or failure becomes a matter of good or bad luck. And luck isn’t a very good way to ensure better relationships and more of what you want out of life.

You know from experience that we are likely to succeed more frequently when among friends who know us well enough so that we’ve already created a favorable environment for successful communication. You know the situations I’m talking about—you can each predict almost exactly what the other will do or say before you do or say it.

We’re most likely to be challenged in situations when we’re talking to someone new, communicating with people we know well but have developed bad patterns with over the years, or when using email.

In these cases, not only don’t we plan what we’re going to do or say in advance and how the other person is likely to respond when we simply do “what comes naturally,” but (especially with email) we also won’t have any idea about how our listeners or readers are going to interpret our communication.

They’re most likely going to respond by doing “what comes naturally” to them and, unless we are lucky, we don’t have a very good chance of success.

Now is the time to step up, take responsibility, and take action!

Let’s invest a few hours together right now to learn a few easy but powerful concepts and strategies that eliminate luck and replace it with skills that will give you outstanding results for the rest of your life.

Think About This!

In what situations have you been frustrated or disappointed with the outcome of your communication?

How could you step up and take responsibility for this situation?

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