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Communication Styles 2.0™ is a complete system that empowers you to understand team members’ natural communication tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses – in less than 10 minutes!

Communication Styles 2.0 doesn't just tell you what you should do, it tells you how to do it!

Communication Styles 2.0™ For Teams
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Everybody (whether they know what it is or not) has a natural Communication Style they use without thinking.
You can achieve best results by adapting your style to the style of the others.
When you adapt to another person, it takes energy because you are doing something that is not natural for you.
If we’re forced to adapt for an extended period, we eventually run out of energy and revert to our natural style.

How The Communication Styles 2.0™
Model Works

Easy-to-Understand and Easy-to-Use

After years of research, conducting seminars, and working with tens of thousands of people, Paul has created the Communication Styles 2.0™ model and Circle of Styles™.

These two tools make it easy for you to understand your natural communication tendencies and see how you are likely to interact with others with either similar or completely different natural tendencies.

On the Circle of Styles, the styles closest to each communicate most easily using their natural style. Those farther apart on the wheel have more difficulty communicating, while those opposite from each other on the circle have the biggest communication challenges.

What Communication Styles 2.0™ does next, and what makes it most unique and instantly useful, is it teaches you how to become a more effective communicator with simple, tangible actions that you can begin using right away.

Your communication style report, combined with your personal action plan will become the two most powerful tools you need to become a better communicator and to improve the communication within your team.

Best of all, the concepts are easy to understand, easy to use, and will benefit you for the rest of your life!

Unlock the Vault to Communication Mastery

Everything Your Team Needs Is Right Here

The Communication Styles 2.0 Reports Team Bundle

Communication Styles 2.0 for Teams isn't just about providing tools; it's about unlocking the full potential of your team's communication. 

With personalized Personal Insight reports, you'll understand each team member like never before. 

The detailed Team Map and in-depth Team Dynamics and Collaborative Dynamics reports will give you a bird's-eye view of how your team interacts and collaborates.

But there's more: our extensive training suite is a goldmine. 

From quick, informative videos that get straight to the point to a thorough train-the-trainer program, we've got your learning needs covered. And if you want a more tailored approach, our customized webinars, consulting, and coaching services are designed to meet your specific challenges.

Communication Styles 2.0 for Teams is your one-stop-shop for transforming team communication. 

Whether your team needs a major overhaul or just some strategic fine-tuning, we provide the insights and the tools for every step of the journey.

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Personal Insight reports for up to three team members.
Online training.
Personalized analysis and insights with an up to fifteen-minute free personal consult with a certified Communication Styles 2.0 expert.

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Our Mission

At Communication Styles 2.0™, our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals and teams communicate by providing innovative tools and insights that foster understanding, collaboration, and effectiveness. 

Through our cutting-edge framework and comprehensive resources, we strive to create a world where communication is clear, constructive, and empowers success.

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