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Communication Is The Foundational Skill

Recently Bloomberg Business completed a survey of corporate recruiters who say some highly sought-after skills are in short supply among newly minted MBAs. The most important and in-demand skill was communication. You can see the results of the Bloomberg skills gap survey here.

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What People Are Saying

Your inventory really has been a great job development resource for our clients, as many don’t really know what their strengths and areas for growth are or lack the vocabulary to express it. One of the things that we teach our clients is interviewing skills and many of them struggle in this area, as they are just entering the workforce and have never had to talk about themselves in that way before.

The style results are not only personally insightful for them but really help them to begin talking about themselves in positive and strength-based ways. It is also helpful for many of our clients in understanding the dynamics they have with supervisors, managers, teachers, family members, etc. in their life and how they can improve those relationships.

Rachel Meeker, Covenant House

The Maximum Advantage Communication Styles training was rated the highest component of our Training Program.

Our attendees felt the awareness and insight to their own communication styles and how they interact with others was extremely valuable for their continued success… their only complaint was that they needed more time with Paul  to explore using their results in everyday interactions.

Jennifer Beery, Suddenlink Communications

Very illuminating, and really clarified some observations I had made recently about how very differently individuals with whom I have worked have responded to identical approaches. Some very powerful tools for management

Sandra Graham, National Research Council

This was an excellent course and I came away with many useful tips which I have already begun to implement in my conversations. Anticipating a close friend's communication style, I was able to help diffuse a bad situation before it could get out of control.

Rachel Debaillon, PDC Energy