How Does Your Team Communicate?

Sometimes our natural tendencies serve us and the organization well, but sometimes there are real – and potentially disastrous – problems caused when everyone does what comes naturally.

Communication Styles 2.0™ For Teams identifies the natural communication tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of team members, shows how they interact with each other, and provides immediately useful strategies to improve individual and team communication.

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Meet The 366 Solar Marketing Team

Has This Ever Happened On Your Team?

Analyzer Communication Style

Sally asks lots of questions to confirm the details of a project.

This annoys Tina who doesn’t know all the details yet and just wants to get moving on the project.

Doer Communication Style
Promoter Communication Style

John prefers to start meetings by asking about everyone’s weekend plans...

...while David fidgets impatiently waiting for the ‘real’ meeting to get started.

Challenger Communication Style
Supporter Communication Style

Susan offers what she thinks is a helpful suggestion. Her comments are misinterpreted by others on the team.

Everyone ends up frustrated because they know they can do better.

They just don't know how.

Team Communication Problems
Use Communication Styles 2.0 To Find Team Communication Styles

Team members use Communication Styles 2.0™ to uncover their natural communication styles.

Tina, David, and Sally find that they naturally tend toward focusing on the task at hand when they communicate.

Task Oriented Communication Styles
People Oriented Communication Styles

John and Sarah discover that their natural tendency is to focus on relationships at the beginning of the meeting.

The team also discovers that Tina, David, and John tend to focus on the big picture...

Big Picture Oriented Communication Styles
Details Oriented Communication Styles

... while Sally and Sarah focus on the details.

Now the team respects their differences and adapts to each other's natural tendencies.

Conflict is replaced by synergy and productivity.

Team Members Use Communication Styles Understand Each Other And Communicate Effectvely

Communication Is Complicated

How Can We Best Help You?

Effective Team Communication Wtih Communication Styles

Put Your Team On The Same Page

If your team is already doing well, what would it be like if they were doing even better?

And... if your team is struggling, Communication Styles 2.0™ will show them exactly how to make quick, lasting improvements that result in improved teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.

Just like the 366 Solar marketing team!

Communication Styles For Individuals

Supercharge Your Communication

Few people are natural communicators because...

Most of us were never taught how to communicate effectively. We only learned how to communicate by observing other people - most of who didn't know how to communicate effectively either.

Communication Styles 2.0™ gives you an easy-to-use way to quickly become a better communicator!

Here's How Communication Styles 2.0™ Will Help

Most People Are Doing The Best They Can
Communication Styles 2.0 Shows Them How To Do Better

Get Personal Insights

Communication Styles Assessment Results

Everyone has a natural way of communicating and Communication Styles 2.0 reveals their natural tendencies, strengths, and challenges.

Everyone gets at least one "ah ha" they can use to instantly be a better communicator and benefit themself and their team.

Use Team Insights

Communication Styles Team Report on iPad

Many times, team communication challenges are simply a lack of understanding of how each person prefers to communicate.

Communication Styles 2.0 and the Team Analysis report brings it all together and gives you a system that makes it easy for team members to understand and adapt to each other.

Put It All Together

Communication Styles Training

Effective communication is a journey, so we provide whatever level of support you need to make deep, lasting improvements to the way your teams communicate.

What Communication Styles Can Fix In
Your Organization

Whatever challenge your team faces, it can almost always be tied back to a lack of effective communication.

Frustration and Conflict

People often think that the conflict caused by different communication styles is intentional rather than the result of natural communication tendencies.

Once team members realize that varying types of communication styles exist and learn how to better communicate with each style, frustration and conflict are reduced and may even be eliminated.


When different communication styles mix, the results can be disastrous unless team members understand each other's natural communication tendencies.

Miscommunication leads to irritation and resentment which ultimately deteriorates the effectiveness of the team.

By learning each other’s communication styles, teams are happier, more productive and better able to collaborate.

Ruined Relationships

When a team consists of opposite communication styles, it is easy to accidently offend one another. People who are action-oriented will approach communication in a completely different way than those who are people-oriented.

By understanding each team member’s communication style, everyone can become more intentional about how they communicate. The team will strengthen its relationships while creating a space where people feel safe to share ideas.

How Communication Styles Will Benefit
Your Organization

Communication is the foundational skill that underlies everything else.
When communication becomes more effective, everything else works better.

Everyone Is More Productive

What would it look like if your team eliminated the unnecessary conflict caused by ineffective communication?

Imagine being able to reduce the amount of time spent on fixing the problems caused by miscommunications and repairing damaged relationships in the workplace.

By identifying each team member’s communication style, needless conflict is avoided and relationships can be strengthened.

Stress Is Reduced

Simply put, ineffective communication causes a great deal of stress.

Time and energy is wasted addressing communication problems that could otherwise be applied toward your organization’s goals.

When you learn the communication style of each member of your team, stress and tension caused by communication errors will be greatly reduced.

Safety and Trust Is Created

When communication styles are recognized and understood, an environment of safety and trust is created. Ideas can be freely and openly shared without fear of rejection. As a result, teamwork and collaboration increases.

Through understanding and embracing the different communications styles of their people, teams grow stronger and more productive.

Communication Styles 2.0™ Is The Only Assessment Designed Specifically To Improve Team Communication

It's Fast

The Communication Styles 2.0 communication style assessment is completely online and can be completed in less than ten minutes from any device.

It's Accurate

Communication Styles 2.0 has been proven in use for over a decade and users agree that it is the perfect blend of speed and accuracy.

It's Action Oriented

Each user gets specific advice they can put to use to be a better communicator in less than ten minutes per week.

It's Communication Specific

There are many personality based programs that will help you understand your personality type. But they don't improve your communication.

Communication Styles 2.0™ uses a proprietary communication model based on a decade of research to transform how teams communicate.

Complete Training Included

Easy micro-lesson, web based training is included for everyone.

Plus... train-the-trainer training and certification is available at no cost.

Live and online consulting and training to meet your needs is available from our certified consultants.

It's Cost Effective

Communication Styles 2.0™ delivers outstanding results at a price that is competitive with any other assessment on the market.

You will find that we are easy to cost justify and that your organization will thank you.


What People Are Saying

Theresa Williams

Communication Styles 2.0 is a completely unique assessment that we use with every team and every new hire to help them successfully onboard.

Theresa Williams

HR Professional

Michael Jameson

I don't have the patience, time, or resources for misunderstandings and conflict so we have used Communication Styles to help everyone understand each other and get more done.

Michael Jameson

Business Owner

Fast, accurate, and inexpensive. What more could you ask for? Our engineers and task driven managers have found this to be especially valuable. And the marketing and HR people love it too!

Linda Thomas

Project Manager


Research shows that effective communication is the fastest, best, and often most overlooked way to improve the success of a team.

Often the biggest workplace challenges are the result of minor communication conflicts that can quickly and easily be addressed, if only they are identified.

By investing in your team’s communication, you are investing directly into the strength of your organization.

The most successful teams are those where members understand each other’s communication styles and their own natural communication tendencies.  It’s not enough to take a passive approach and expect this level of understanding to happen on its own.

Organizations must be intentional about helping their team members identify their communication styles and learn how to effectively communicate with each another.

Communication Styles 2.0™ is the best investment an organization can make because it produces immediate, yet lasting results that directly impact productivity, workflow and company culture. All it takes to get started is a simple commitment to make your people your top priority.

Commit to getting started today before another day goes by where your team suffers from the challenges caused by ineffective communication.

“This was an excellent course and I came away with many useful tips which I have already begun to implement in my conversations. Anticipating a close friend’s communication style, I was able to help diffuse a bad situation before it could get out of control.” – Rachel Debaillon

PDC Energy

Communication Styles Testimonial


It takes less than ten minutes to complete your Communication Styles 2.0™ assessment.

From your report, you will learn things about yourself and  unlock a new way of thinking about how you communicate. You will identify your strengths as well as your challenges and have an actionable plan for any changes you want to make.

Nothing is as valuable as understanding and improving the way you communicate!

Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report

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A Communication Style is a person’s communication patterns, tendencies, and preferences they use in a wide variety of situations.

Everybody has one - find yours now!


Effective communication is the accurate transfer of an idea from one person or group to another.

We think in ideas (not words) and transmit our ideas to others in a variety of ways. The better we match the preferences of the person(s) receiving the communication, the more effective it is likely to be.



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