How To Make A Good First Impression

Here's How To Make a Good First Impression

Here we are in lesson number four already!

It just seems like a day ago that we met, and I'm enjoying this time together, and I love teaching this because it changes lives so quickly and easily. Thanks for joining me.

Today's lesson is about how to make a good first impression.

Here's a quick question quiz for you. How long does it take for somebody to form an opinion of you once they meet you?

Is it almost instant, or do they take a minute or two to think about it?

Research shows that the answer is 4 seconds.

So somebody, as soon as they meet you and before you even had a chance to say anything, you've made an impression on them and they formed an opinion. And the same research also shows that this first impression is about 80% correct. They usually get it pretty right. 

You and I do the same thing.

So how is it that they can make a decision on who you are and all about you before you even have a chance to open your mouth? How do you communicate with them in such a way that you can make a good first impression?

Number one is the clothes you wear and the way you walk, the clothes you wear tell people an awful lot about you. Let's say that I was making these videos and I had on a baseball cap and let's say I had the baseball cap on backwards.

Would that change the way you thought about me or what if I had it at a certain angle?

Here's a screen shot from lesson 8 "How to Create Rapport" where I wear a t-shirt inside out on purpose to illustrate this important principle.

Compare it to me wearing a dress shirt in this lesson.

It makes a difference doesn't it?

Especially if you don't already know me.

How To Create Rapport

Little things like that immediately tell a story. So here's a question:

What impression are you making on people by the way you dress?

Next question, what impression do you make by the way you walk?

A great physiology for walking is to stand up straight.

Your mom told you to stand up straight and she was right!

Here's a little trick you can use. Pretend like there's a rope that drops down from the ceiling and attaches to your chest right in the middle, and it just pulls you up just an extra inch like that, and you can feel the difference immediately in your physiology and the message it transmits to you and to other people is that this is a strong, confident person.

Just use my little rope trick to pull you up an inch. And then when you start walking, you're going to find out that you feel more confident in the way you walk.

And other people when they see you will feel that you are a more confident person.

There's your communication tip for today how to make a good first impression before you even open your mouth before you get a chance to use all those words, people have already formed an opinion about you. So make it a good one. Have a great day.

I'll see you tomorrow!

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