How To Communicate With Yourself

Communicating With Yourself

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Today we're going to talk about communicating with the most important person.

So who is the most important person you communicate with?

Is it your boss, your spouse, your friends, your kids?

No, the most important person you communicate with is yourself!

What you say on the inside to yourself is reflected on the outside and has a tremendous impact on how you communicate with other people.

Effective communication isn't just external communication with other people. It's also internal communication with yourself.

So here's the three pieces of internal communication.

Three Things Impact Your Self-Communication

 Here are three things that control how you communicate with yourself.


The first part of self-communication is focus.

What are you thinking about at a given time?

We're really not multitasking like we think we'd like to be. We can only think about one thing at a time.

And what you think about at a given time is going to hugely impact how you feel and what you think about a given subject.


What are you doing with our body at that particular moment?

A depressed person has a depressed physiology, a happy person has a happy physiology, and a thinking person has a thinking physiology.

The important thing about physiology is that physiology communicates not only to people on the outside how you feel and what you're thinking, it communicates to yourself how you're thinking and feeling.

The quickest way to change the way you feel at any given time is to change your physiology because if you're happy, you've got a smile on your face.

Which brings up this question: is being happy because you have a smile or do you smile because you're happy?

The answer is both, but you can make yourself happy by smiling.

Here's a quick tip about how to really cheer yourself up instantly. Just wiggle your toes and see the message that sends to your brain.

Wiggling your toes is a lot of fun, and you can use it to cheer yourself instantly. Try it and see for yourself!

Internal Dialog

The voice in your head is real, and it's okay because we've all got at least one. We're constantly talking to ourselves.

It's like a soundtrack of our life running around inside of our brain. Sometimes we can't stop it, but we can control it. We can control what we're saying to ourselves.

If you're saying things like, "I'll never figure this out" or "Nobody likes me." or "I never win at anything", or "The boss is never going to go for this", what impact will it have on your external communication when you talk to someone else?

If you're saying those things inside of your head, as soon as you open your mouth to communicate outward, that attitude and that belief comes through.

So... control your internal dialogue and you're going to have a massive impact on how you communicate with the outside world.

Those three things combine to control how you communicate with the most important person, which is you!

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