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The new Communication Styles 2.0 algorithm reveals your natural communication tendencies and delivers your Personal Insight Report in less than ten minutes.

The online assessment instantly delivers a customized report that you and everyone in your group can use to understand each other and get fast improvement - even if you have been communication challenged in the past.

Based on the proven Communication Styles 2.0 model, your easy-to-read report delivers insights and actionable advice that you can put to use immediately.

Easy... Fast... Accurate Results

You will have your exact Communication Style in less than ten minutes. Our proprietary algorithm will calculate your exact style and create a customized twenty five page report as soon as you answer the last question.

Here's Everything You Get With Your Report

Start With the Overview

Your customized report starts by showing your exact position on the Circle of Styles. Knowing your exact position on the Circle gives you a fast and easy way to understand how you interact with other people.

The summary page also includes a quick overview of your natural communication style tendencies, including your strengths and challenges. This is actionable information that you can put to use right away to get quick results.

For Big Picture Communicators

If you are a big picture communicator (Challenger through Influencer) you will appreciate this easy-to-read graph which identifies your natural tendencies and preferences.

Each graph item describes one of your tendencies and gives you a quick tip of how you can use it to your advantage or make a quick change that will serve you better.

For Detail Communicators

Next, for detail communicators, the report digs deeper to provide a more detailed list and description of each of your tendencies and gives you a quick recipe for how you can use your natural behaviors to get the best results possible from every interaction - and where you could benefit from making a change.

For some Styles this list will be "too much information," but the Solver thru Counselor Styles will appreciate the detailed, organized nature of the data.

Use Your Strengths To Your Advantage

Of course, everybody's Communication Style has both strengths and weaknesses.

The good news is that the fastest way to improve your communication results is to use your natural strengths. This section of the report emphasizes your strengths and gives you actionable advice on how to put them to use right away.

Use them to further your career, help coworkers, and advance the goals of your organization. Of course, you can also use them to strengthen your relationships outside of work.

There is no doubt that using your strengths will give you greater satisfaction both at work and at home and this part of the report shows you exactly how.

Your Personal Action Plan

This section of your report gives you simple steps you can take each week that will add up to big results.

Everybody has something that they can do better and this section of your Personal Insight Report gives you a fast action plan that you can put to use within minutes of getting your report - or you can study it before you consider which parts to use.

Either way, the plan is broken down into easy-to-use steps that can be learned in just minutes and then practiced as much or as little as you want. Just knowing what to do gives most people results. Adding a little bit of practice locks in the learning and starts to make your new way of communicating effortless.

Each step is a small, intentional change in your thoughts, words, and actions that you can make in just a few minutes.

How To Be Most Effective With the Other Styles

One of the great secrets of successful communication is that you can’t control what someone else will do, but you can make every interaction better by adapting yourself to the other person. This section of the report is a quick guide that shows you exactly how to be more effective with each of the other Styles.

Just like you, each of the communication styles has its own strengths, challenges, and predictable patterns of communication. This easy-to-use outline shows you how you are likely to interact with  each of the other styles and how you can be more effective with each of them.

Fast... easy... actionable.

How Others Can Be More Effective With You

What if other people understood your Communication Style and knew how to communicate with you in ways that matched your natural style?

Every Personal Insight Report now includes a personalized link that you can share with others to give them insight into your communication style along with quick tips about how they can be more effective with you. Just give the link to anyone!

This link is a perfect way to help both individuals and teams to understand and be more effective with each other.

Think of what it would be like if you understood others - and they understood you!

Here's a sample link that shows how practical and useful this is.

Get Your Personal Insight Report Now

Here's a Quick Review of What's Included

  • Your exact location on the Circle of Styles quickly shows how you interact with other styles
  • Your unique strengths with fast strategies that you can use to get better results simply by doing what you do naturally
  • Your communication challenges with a customized action plan that you can put to use to improve in only a few minutes a day
  • Exactly the best way to communicate with each of the other styles and how they can communicate better with you - actionable information that you can put to use right away

Your Personal Insight report is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use resource that you can put to use right away.

What If You Don't Like It?

Simple - just let us know and you can keep everything and have your money back.

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