What will it be like when you understand others and they understand you?

This reality is closer than you might think.

Your Communication Styles 2.0™ Personal Insight Report reveals your communication style so that you are aware of your natural communication tendencies and how they impact how you communicate with other people.

Your Personal Insight Report is the best investment you can make because it will immediately reveal your true communication style and give you an action plan to help you become a more effective communicator at work, at home and everywhere in between.

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What will it be like when you understand others and they understand you?

Twenty Five Powerful Pages Customized For You

Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report
Your natural tendencies
Your strengths and how to put them to use right away
Your challenges and a customized improvement plan you can use in less than ten minutes per week
How to be most effective with each of the other styles
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Communication Styles 2.0™ Is Proven In Use For Over Ten Years

Here's What People Are Saying

It's a little scary...

I must say I took the "test" and it's a little scary how a few questions got my style perfectly.  Even things I didn't really want to admit.  I will definitely share the information with others!

Communication Styles Testimonial

Heather Clark

Program Director - Penn State Lehigh Valley

I was impressed...

I was very impressed with, and grateful for, the insightful description of my communication traits, which helped promote my own thinking on this matter, as well as the very straightforward and very effective 10 week plan to improve my daily interactions, and the good ideas that were included in that plan. I can’t think of much different that could be done better.


Richard Bartlett

Comm Bank

I'm already using it...

This was an excellent course and I came away with many useful tips which I have already begun to implement in my conversations. Anticipating a close friend’s communication style, I was able to help diffuse a bad situation before it could get out of control.”

Communication Styles Testimonial

Rachel Debaillon

PDC Energy

There was only one complaint...

The Communication Styles workshop was rated the highest component of our Training Program.  Our attendees felt the awareness and insight to their own communication styles and how they interact with others was extremely valuable for their continued success… their only complaint was that they needed more time with Paul  to explore using their results in everyday interactions.


Jennifer Berry

Suddenlink Corp.

Four Key Benefits Of Learning
Your Communication Style

More Influence

When you effectively communicate your ideas, you will gain influence among your peers and your ideas will be more readily accepted. With influence, you will increase the importance of your role within your team and establish leadership

New Career Opportunities

With effective communication that leads to increased influence and leadership, you will receive new career opportunities that will allow you to use your skills to rise to the next level. As you continue to improve your communication, there is now ceiling to these new opportunities!

Reduced Conflict

The solution to all conflict is better communication. By learning your communication style, and knowing how to effectively communicate with other communication styles, you will greatly reduce conflict, stress and frustration.

Increased Morale

Knowing your communications style and being intentional about how you communicate with others will help you build rapport and boost morale. You will learn what motivates other communication style and as a result be an effective leader and supporter.

Communication - Not Personality
Is The Foundational Skill For Success

Research has proven, again and again, that the skill most closely correlated with business success is communication. The most influential people throughout history have been effective communicators – and you can be too.  It all beings with understanding your communication style and using it to your advantage.

Your Personal Insight Report will give you foundational knowledge to immediately improve how you communicate.

It Has Never Been Easier To
Become A Better Communicator

Understand Yourself and Others In Less Than Ten Minutes

Quick and Easy

Identify your unique communication style in less than ten minutes.

Our proprietary algorithm will calculate your exact communication style and create a customized, twenty five page report as soon as you answer the last question.

Instant Results

You can immediately begin to use the insights shared in your report to understand how you communicate and how to better communicate with others. The report includes a customized action plan you can use for fast improvement – even if you have been communication challenged in the past.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is no risk, because satisfaction is guaranteed!

If for any reason your Personal Insight Report doesn’t meet your expectations, you can keep everything and we will return 100% of your money – immediately and with no questions asked.

It Takes More Than Luck To Be A Good Communicator

The knowledge to improve your communication is right at your fingertips, commit now to using it!

Everything You Need For Fast Results

Here's What's In Your Personal Insight Report

Communication Styles Overview

Start With The Overview

Your communication style is highlighted on the model so you can instantly understand your tendencies and see the contrasting styles that may provide you with the biggest communication challenges (and even conflict).

This is the fast way to gain insights that will help you quickly improve the way you communicate with others.

It can easily be a real "ah ha" moment!

Communication Style Big Picture Overview

See The Big Picture

For big picture communicators (like the Doer and Promoter) who appear on the top half of the model, the graph and tendencies in this section of the report might be all you need to understand your communication style.

Detail communicators will appreciate this overview before they dive into the detailed section of the report that follows.

Your Communication Style Details

Dig Into The Details

For detailed communicators who appear on the bottom half of the model (like the Supporter and Analyzer), this section of the report will provide the fine details that you need to fully understand your tendencies.

People are amazed how accurately this information describes their communication style and how applying even just one piece of advice from this section can result in a quick communication improvement with little effort.

Communication Styles Using Your Strengths

Take Advantage of Your Strengths

The fastest way to improve your communication is to take advantage of your natural strengths.

The Communication Styles 2.0™ report reveals your unique strengths and shows you how to use them to become a better communicator, fast.

Your team will benefit the most when each member is using his or her strengths to achieve a common goal.

Communication Improvement Action Plan

Use Your Personal Action Plan

Most uniquely, Communication Styles 2.0™ provides each team member with a customized, personal action plan that gives them a quick item they can use to become a more effective communicator in less than ten minutes per week.

As each team member makes continual improvement through implementing their personal action plan, teams steadily grow stronger and more efficient

How To Communicate With The Other Communication Styles

Your Guide To The Other Styles

Once you understand your communication style and the styles of those around you, use this quick guide to become an effective communicator with all other communication styles.

In a team environment, it is critically important that communication styles are understood and that effort is consistently taken to work with, not against the varying communication styles within an organization.

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What will it be like when you understood your natural communication style, how to use your strengths, and how to be more effective with everyone around you?

Here's what is included:

Your exact location on the Circle of Styles quickly shows how you interact with other styles
Your unique strengths with fast strategies that you can use to get better results simply by doing what you do naturally
Your communication challenges with a customized action plan that you can put to use to improve in only a few minutes a day
Exactly the best way to communicate with each of the other styles and how they can communicate better with you – actionable information that you can put to use right away
Online training so you can quickly get the most out of your report
Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report




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Our Mission

Because effective communication is the foundational skill that underlies all other skills, our mission is to create communication frameworks and strategies that individuals and teams can use to have a more positive and productive work environment even if they don't know what to do, have had difficulty changing in the past, or don't have much time so they can become a more effective, successful team.

How can this benefit you and your team?

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Get Your Customized Communication Style Report Now

Twenty Five Powerful Pages Customized For You

Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report
Your natural tendencies
Your strengths and how to put them to use right away
Your challenges and a customized improvement plan you can use in less than ten minutes per week
How to be most effective with each of the other styles
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order one for each person on your team!