What Is A Communication Style?

A Communication Style is a person’s natural communication patterns and preferences they use in a wide variety of situations.

Communication Style Definition

A Communication Style is a person’s natural communication patterns and preferences they use in a wide variety of situations.

Unfortunately, doing what comes naturally is not a reliable recipe for success in communicating, which is why it is important to step up, take responsibility, understand the communication preferences of other people, and adapting your behavior and Communication Style to other people’s preferences.

Understanding your natural tendencies, strengths, and challenges and adapting to others turns luck into skill which is a much more reliable strategy for communication success.

Quick Facts About Communication Styles

Everybody (whether they know what it is or not) has a natural Communication Style that he or she uses without thinking.
You can achieve the best results by adapting your communication style to the communication style of the other person(s).
But... when you adapt your communication style to another person it takes energy because you are doing something that is not natural for you.
If we’re forced to adapt the way we communicate for an extended period, we eventually run out of energy and revert to our natural style. This means that we tend to seek out people with a similar communication style.
Under stress we tend to revert to our natural communication style.

More About Communication Styles

Another characteristic of Communication Styles is that we communicate most easily with people who are most like us (closest to us on the Circle of Styles).

This works great on teams where everyone is similar, but can lead to challenges when communicating with others in the organization who have different tendencies.

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It’s also important to know that communication styles are situational.

Usually you will find that you instinctively adapt your Communication Style depending on where you are or who you’re talking to, but not always. Some people are simply difficult for you to be effective with.

Here's an example:

When we’re with friends or family, we probably behave and talk differently than we do at work. When we want to convey something important to someone in any situation—at work or in social situation—we make conscious efforts to adapt and do what will work best in that situation.

Communication Styles 2.0 Model

The Communication Styles 2.0™ circle of styles gives you an easy way to understand how you will communicate with others when everyone uses their natural style.

Want To Know More About Communication Styles?

How many communication styles are there?

How Many Communication Styles Are There?

There are twenty-one communication styles.

It is important to have more than just four or five communication styles because people are unique and rarely fit neatly into just four or five styles.

Effective Team Communication Wtih Communication Styles

Communication Styles Quick Explanation

Communication Styles 2.0™ for Teams and how to use it to quickly make your team more effective communicators is explained in two minutes.

Communication Styles Explained

Communication Styles Detailed Explanation

Communication Styles are explained in detail including how to communication styles to quickly make your team more effective communicators.

Communication Styles Can Change

Do Communication Styles Change?

Yes, communication styles can change based on role adaptations, stress, environment, and more.

While everyone has a natural communication style, for most people communication styles are situational.

Find Your Communication Style Now

Find Your Communication Style Now!

Your Communication Styles 2.0™ Personal Insight Report reveals your communication style so that you are aware of your natural communication tendencies and how they impact how you communicate with other people.

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