Using Communication Styles With Teams

Communication Styles 2.0 is powerful when you use it as an individual, but the power multiplies when you use it to help a group of people understand each other. Here are two quick ways to put it to use to help everyone on your team be more effective almost instantly.

Team Map For 366 Solar

The Simple Power of Team Maps

So far we’ve talked only about how to use Communication Styles 2.0 to understand the Style of one person at a time, but this technology can be used to great benefit with teams and groups of all sizes.

The key is to create a team map like this one we created for the team at 366 Solar.

All you have to do is take the names of the team members and place them around the outside of the Circle next to their communication style. Then you can look at the map and instantly see who communicates well with each other naturally and where the difficulties are likely to be.

In this example, since Morgan is across from Reed and Mitchell you can readily see there is likely to be a challenge here. Reed and Mitchel will probably communicate easily with each other but will be challenged by the action motivation and task orientation of Morgan.

Find out more about the Communication Styles 2.0 model and how to use it to understand yourself and your team.

Why Use Communication Styles With Teams

  • It Creates A Common Vocabulary

    The Communication Styles 2.0 model with the two axis of communication (task-people, big picture – details) provides everyone with a common way of describing communication behaviors and makes it easy to discuss challenges and opportunities.

  • Team Members Understand Themselves

    Once a person becomes aware of their natural communication tendencies, they can begin to adapt themselves to the styles of others. Taking responsibility is the foundation of communication success.

  • Team Members Understand Each Other

    Communication Styles 2.0 eliminates the “I’m right and you’re wrong” explanation of differences. There is no longer a right and wrong, only different.

  • Explains Group Dynamics

    Why won’t Susan speak up at meetings? When your team understands their natural styles they will realize that there isn’t anything “wrong” with Susan – it’s just that safety is an important motivator when she communicates. This allows the team to use behaviors that increase safety.

  • Capitalize Strengths - Fix Weaknesses

    For example, Supporters are great with building and maintaining relationships so let them help you integrate new members into the group.

The Secret Weapon

Team members don't always have time to read a book or take live or online training. Even when they do, it's hard to remember and implement what you've learned.

To solve this problem, every team member gets a How To Communicate Best With Me link that they can give to other team members (or anyone else).

The link takes the user to a screen with an easy-to-use description of the person along with a few quick tips for effective communication.

Imagine if everyone on your team had this link!

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