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Recently Bloomberg Business completed a survey of corporate recruiters who say some highly sought-after skills are in short supply among newly minted MBAs. The most important and in-demand skill was communication. You can see the results of the Bloomberg skills gap survey here.

The resources on this page have been created by interpersonal communication expert Paul Endress to enhance your existing communication skills and provide you with additional strategies and techniques that will help you to be a more effective communicator in any situation.

Online and Mobile Learning Options

Self Directed Learning

Everything you need to know about Communication Styles 2.0, working with difficult people, and how to get the most out of every interaction. Use these eight modules to learn at your own pace. Takes about one hour to complete.

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Live Webinar Events

A cost effective way to train your group. Each member of the group will take the online assessment prior to the webinar and then the webinar will be customized to the needs of the group.

Team members will learn about their communication style and motivations, about the other team members, and get specific strategies to help them be more effective with each other.

Live Learning Events

Live Keynotes, Workshops, and Seminars

This is the very best way to learn about and experience The Magic of Communication Styles and other communication topics presented by interpersonal communication expert Paul Endress.

Perfect for your next conference or corporate training event, the length and content can be customized and the program length can be adjusted from one hour to however long it takes to achieve the outcome you want.

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Private Coaching and Consulting

Customized One Time or Ongoing Coaching and Consulting

Paul may have limited private and corporate engagements available. These sessions are the ultimate in customization because they are designed to solve your (or your organization's) problems and help you to take advantage of opportunities in an increasingly competitive business environment.

The service provided can range from one or two phone calls to longer ongoing time commitments and be in the form of telephone or in person meetings.

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