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Discover the hidden communication patterns that will make your team more efficient, productive, and happier.

Whether your team is struggling or already doing well, Communication Styles 2.0™ for Teams works because it doesn't try to change people.

Instead, it introduces your team members to their primary communication style and teaches them to use their strengths to quickly be more effective communicators.

Along the way, it also enlightens everyone about their fellow team members’ natural communication tendencies, so everyone can be valued,  heard, and understood.


Your organization is made of of unique individuals who each have their own communication style and because of this, the interactions between team members and between teams can be difficult to understand and optimize.

The Communication Styles 2.0 Team Analysis report gives you an easy to understand map that reveals interactions and patterns that allow you to take advantage of strengths and compensate for challenges.

Seemingly impossible communication problems can be solved once everyone understands each other and learns to adapt to one another.


Empower Your Team To Become
More Effective Communicators

Most People Are Doing The Best They Can
Now Your Can Help Them Do Better

Give Them Personal Insights

Communication Styles Assessment Results

Everyone has a natural way of communicating and Communication Styles 2.0 reveals their natural tendencies, strengths, and challenges.

Everyone will accumulate Ah-Ha! moments so they can get more done, more quickly…with remarkable results the first time around.

Reveal The Team Tendencies

Communication Styles Team Report on iPad

Many times, team communication challenges are simply a lack of understanding of how each person prefers to communicate.

Communication Styles 2.0 and the Team Analysis report brings it all together and gives you a system that makes it easy for team members to understand and adapt to each other.

Provide Training & Resources

Communication Styles Training

Effective communication is a journey, so we provide whatever level of support you need to make deep, lasting improvements to the way your teams communicate.

Free online micro-lesson online training for everyone.
Free train-the-trainer training so you can become the expert in your organization.
Consulting, coaching, webinars, and live events customized for you.

How Communication Styles 2.0™
Benefits Your Team

Team Communication Patterns

Your Team Members Understand Each Other

Sometimes people think that conflict is intentional when really it's simply the result of the natural communication tendencies everyone has.

To give you fast results, Communication Styles 2.0 gives your team members easy-to-understand ways to think about the dynamics of the group.

And... once Communication Styles 2.0 reveals the natural communication tendencies of everyone, frustration and conflict disappear because team members have an easy-to-use way of understanding and adapting to each other.

Communication Styles List

Every Team Member Speaks The Same Language

The Communication Style names reduce conflict and build relationships because they give everyone an easy way to understand  how each person prefers to communicate.

For example: once Sally knows that Tina prefers the big picture to details, she won't start the conversation by presenting a spreadsheet!

She will still bring the spreadsheet with her, but only so that she has answers if Tina asks questions.

And Tina won't roll her eyes when Sally asks a lot of questions during a meeting.

Team Members Use Communication Styles ToUnderstand Each Other And Communicate Effectvely 600

Your Team Knows What To Do

Communication Styles 2.0 empowers your teams to build relationships, eliminate risks, get organized, and turn ideas into action.

Not only will they know what to do, each person will know what to do. Each team member receives a Personal Insight report with a customized action plan that can be implemented in  ten minutes or less per week.

Combined with our fast nine minute online training and optional virtual and live training options, your teams will know not only what to do, but how to do it!

Meet The Communication Styles 2.0
Team Report

Even small teams have complex tendencies and relationships. The Communication Styles 2.0 Team Analysis report is an easy way to quickly see the communication patterns, strengths, and challenges for any team. The easy-to-understand report provides the basis for actionable advice.

See The Interactions

Each team member appears next to their communication style on the Circle of Styles so you can quickly see which team members communicate easily with each other and where there are potential problems.

Closer Is Better

Those who are closest to each other on the circle communicate easily using their natural communication tendencies.

Those further apart need to expend energy to adapt to each other.

Diagonal Equals Conflict

Team members diagonal from each other (in this example Cortez and Reynolds) have a natural tendency for conflict.

Team Tendencies Revealed

The graph at the bottom of the page summarizes how the team communicates as a team.

In this example, this team has a high tendency to focus on action when communicating. What kind of problems could this cause?

How They Relate To Other Teams

When you use Communication Styles 2.0 with multiple teams you can compare the tendencies of each team to the other teams to isolate and solve hard to uncover inter-team communication problems.

Instantly Actionable Advice

Each team member has a customized link that gives actionable advice about how other team members can be most effective with them.

Our Mission

Because effective communication is the foundational skill that underlies all other skills, our mission is to create communication frameworks and strategies that individuals and teams can use to have a more positive and productive work environment even if they don't know what to do, have had difficulty changing in the past, or don't have much time so they can become a more effective, successful team.

How can this benefit you and your team?

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How To Communicate Best With Each Person

A customized link gives each team member customized advice about how to be most effective with other team members.



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