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Your  Communication Styles 2.0™ Personal Insight report instantly reveals your communication tendencies, strengths, and challenges and adds the power of a customized action plan and unlimited online training so you can get results fast.

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The Fast and Easy Way To Become A Better Communicator

Your Tendencies, Strengths, Challenges, and an Action Plan
In an Easy To Read Report

Your Personal Insight report gives you real, actionable insight into yourself and those around you.

A few minutes invested in reviewing the report empowers you to quickly improve your productivity at work, your relationships, and the way you work and communicate with other team members.

A few minutes invested now will give you big returns later.

Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report

Here's What's Included In Your Report

Start With The Overview

Your communication style is highlighted on the Communication Styles 2.0 model so you can instantly understand your tendencies and see the contrasting styles that may provide you with the biggest communication challenges (and even conflict).

Here's the secret: the communication styles closest to you on the Circle of Styles are easiest for you to communicate with and those across from you are naturally difficult.

This is the fast way to gain insights that will help you quickly improve the way you communicate with others.

It can easily be a real "ah ha" moment!

Get your report in less than ten minutes.

Communication Style Tendencies

Get The Big Picture

For big picture communicators (like the Doer and Promoter) who appear on the top half of the model, the graph and tendencies in this section of the report might be all you need to understand your communication style.

Here's what you will quickly find out:

Control: Your tendency to want to be in control of people and events
Assertiveness: Your tendency to forcefully express yourself
Detail Orientation: Your tendency to be interested in and pay attention to details
Directness: Your tendency to be direct and unfiltered in your communication
Task Orientation: Your tendency to focus on completing tasks and getting things done
Conflict Avoidance: Your tendency to avoid or engage in conflict
Social Interaction: Your interest in and need for interacting with other people

Dig Into The Details

Now it's time to find out more (if you want to).

Not everyone is interested in this level of detail, but for detailed communicators who appear on the bottom half of the model (like the Supporter and Analyzer), this section has the fine details you need to fully understand your tendencies.

People are amazed how accurately this information describes their communication style and how applying even just one piece of advice from this section can result in a quick communication improvement with little effort.

Communication Style Details
Communication Styles Strengths

Take Advantage of Your Strengths

The fastest way to improve your communication is to take advantage of your natural strengths.

This section of the Communication Styles 2.0™ Personal Insight report reveals your unique strengths and shows you how to use them to become a better communicator, fast.

Your team will benefit the most when each member is using his or her strengths to achieve a common goal.

Find and use your strengths now!

Use Your Personal Action Plan

Everybody is busy and change is hard... unless you break it down into small pieces.

That's why Communication Styles 2.0™ provides each team member with a customized, personal action plan that gives them a quick item they can use to become a more effective communicator in less than ten minutes per week.

As each team member makes continual improvement through implementing their personal action plan, teams steadily grow stronger and more efficient

Communication Styles Action Plan
Communication Styles Team Analysis Report

See Everything With The Team Map

Even small teams have complex tendencies and relationships that aren't easy understood until you see them on the map.

Fortunately, the Communication Styles 2.0 ™ Team Map report provides an easy way to quickly see the communication patterns, strengths, and challenges for any team.

Plus... the graph at the bottom of the report reveals how your team interacts with other teams and gives insight into which team members will be most effective communicating with each other other teams you work with.

Communication Styles 2.0 Assessment Sample Report




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