Ten Minutes

Is The Time It Takes To Find Out How Your Team Communicates

You are invited to take the first step toward understanding and improving the unique communication dynamics that exist within your team with a free trial of Communication Styles 2.0 ™.

With Communication Styles 2.0 for Teams each person receives a customized Personal Insight Report and leaders receive team reports that show the interactions and tendencies of the team as well as the communication patterns between teams.

You will gain immediately valuable insights that will help you use the strengths of each person and overcome communication roadblocks that limit team effectiveness.

Get A Free Communication Styles 2.0™ Assessment Trial For Your Team

How To Take Advantage Of Your Free Trial

With this free trial, you can make invaluable changes to your organization that will help your teams communicate effectively, reduce conflict and boost morale.

Review Your
Personal Insight Report

The first step to getting the most out of your free trial is to review your Personal Insight Report so that you fully understand your communication style and how it impacts the way in which you communicate with others.

The 25-page report will outline, in detail, the unique qualities of your communication style and how you can use your strengths to your advantage.

Compare Notes
With Others

Next, compare your personal communication style with other members of your team. The differences might will surprise you!

You will learn important things about how others prefer to communicate, and they will learn your communication style in return. With the foundation of understanding one another’s communication style, you will build a stronger, closer team.

Take Advantage Of Your Team Map

Your free trial includes a team map so you can see how everyone’s communication style is unique while also complementing one another in certain aspects.

When you realize how other people communicate, you will greatly reduce conflict and frustration caused by miscommunication. Your map also show the overall style of your team so you can see how you interact with other teams.

Here's What Your Personal Insight Reports Includes

Each team member gets their own customized twenty-five page Personal Insight report

Communication Styles Overview

Start With The Overview

Your communication style is highlighted on the model so you can instantly understand your tendencies and see the contrasting styles that may provide you with the biggest communication challenges (and even conflict).

This is the fast way to gain insights that will help you quickly improve the way you communicate with others.

It can easily be a real "ah ha" moment!

Communication Style Big Picture Overview

See The Big Picture

For big picture communicators (like the Doer and Promoter) who appear on the top half of the model, the graph and tendencies in this section of the report might be all you need to understand your communication style.

Detail communicators will appreciate this overview before they dive into the detailed section of the report that follows.

Your Communication Style Details

Dig Into The Details

For detailed communicators who appear on the bottom half of the Communication Styles 2.0 Circle of Styles (like the Supporter and Analyzer), this section of the report will provide the fine details that you need to fully understand your tendencies.

People are amazed how accurately this information describes their communication style and how applying even just one piece of advice from this section can result in a quick communication improvement with little effort.

Communication Styles Using Your Strengths

Take Advantage of Your Strengths

The fastest way to improve your communication is to take advantage of your natural strengths.

The Communication Styles 2.0™ report reveals your unique strengths and shows you how to use them to become a better communicator, fast.

Your team will benefit the most when each member is using his or her strengths to achieve a common goal

Communication Improvement Action Plan

Use Your Personal Action Plan

Most uniquely, Communication Styles 2.0™ provides each team member with a customized, personal action plan that gives them a quick item they can use to become a more effective communicator in less than ten minutes per week.

As each team member makes continual improvement through implementing their personal action plan, teams steadily grow stronger and more efficient

How To Communicate With The Other Communication Styles

Instantly Become More Effective With Others

Once you understand your communication style and the styles of those around you, use this quick guide to become an effective communicator with all other communication styles.

In a team environment, it is critically important that communication styles are understood and that effort is consistently taken to work with, not against the varying communication styles within an organization.

A Small Investment of Time
For Big Results

If you don’t believe Communication Styles 2.0 is a good fit for our organization, there is no commitment or further action required. The information is yours to keep and use to improve communication within your organization.

Our Mission

Because effective communication is the foundational skill that underlies all other skills, our mission is to create frameworks and strategies that anyone can use to quickly become a more effective communicator regardless of their background or current skill level.

How can this benefit you and your team?

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